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Bill and Ted's Booth



This article on CINEMABLEND pretty much states the most information on a Bill and Ted sequel. You can read it HERE.  There is an additional article with more in-depth info on the proposed sequel here on SCIENCEFICTION.COM

About this site and why it's up:  A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...I owned the  domain. It was a fun site for younger fans at the time, but I released it, hoping that another fan would do something good with it. Glad to see it's up and running again!    

REAL SEQUEL NEWS TO DATE:      There  is no NEW news other than: There is a draft sequel written by the the same writer(s) of the first two Bill & Ted movies.  The latest information, is that financing was an issue in whether the project can become a reality.  For accurate information, please talk directly with those involved in the sequel, the original writers, Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, or speak to Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves' representatives. There's a lot of speculation floating around on the internet, but things have been up in the air for quite some time.   Bill and Ted..."Yeah, I'm thinkin' they're back..." or at least we all hope so!


Around  16 or so years ago, I had written a spec script  BILL & TED'S LAST CALL.   I never wrote it for anyone to read, it was merely a practice script that I played with while writing other screenplays.  The Bill and Ted sequel was written totally on accident.   Being based in Scottsdale Arizona, where many of the Excellent Adventure scenes were shot, I got to thinking about how much I missed those movies.   I'm a few miles from Coronado High School, Circle K, the Waterpark, Ted's house and many locations where Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure was filmed.   There was never an intention to market the spec script, or even mention that I had it.  Eventually,  I let a few people read it, and I was told to contact Keanu's people to see what was up with a sequel. All I could think of, was maybe put the script into a fan type book along with some photos and interviews.   I did make a call in around 2001, and spoke briefly to execs connected to the actors.   Back during those years, Keanu was busy with the Matrix and to my knowledge, nothing had been drafted for a Bill & Ted sequel yet. There was interest, but money and time were key factors.  I was told I could call the management office back at a later date, when they could talk more about the subject.  Needless to say, I went on with my writing and didn't follow up.  I figured the original writers, Ed and Chris had something in mind, and it's totally their territory.  


Years flew by, I got busy with original screenplays, had success at film festivals and put Bill & Ted on the shelf for good (or so I thought).     The BILL AND TED 3 screenplay is currently on file at Film Freeway and has been entered in a few festivals as fan-fiction material.   When the Dumb & Dumber sequel came out, friends contacted me about how cool it was to see Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their roles.  Everyone would love to see Keanu and Alex back as Bill and Ted one more time.  Seems like movies need a "trilogy" don't you think?   Let's hope that Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson pull together the team and resources needed to make their screenplay for Bill & Ted 3 a reality.   

Since Bill & Ted's Last Call is being entered in fan-fiction genre categories, I am not able to post a PDF of it just yet. I'll also need to get legal clearance from owners of the franchise.   If you're interested in reading the script, you can drop me an email and I'll keep you on a mailing list. (No bogus spam, I don't share mailng lists.) When I had the site open, I got a LOT of email so please be patient if you request a reply.  As a professional writer/editor, I'm doing just that, writing, nearly all the time. A most triumphant thank you to those of you who've requested that I put a site back up. You Rock! Let's wish Bill & Ted luck on getting their sequel.  Until then, "Party on dudes...and be EXCELLENT to each other."


Full information on author by request 

Legal disclaimer: This was written between 1999-2000 without any knowledge of other scripts, ideas, projects etc. It is strictly fan-fiction for entertainment purposes and has no affiliation with the studios and the owners(s) of the Bill and Ted franchise.  Any similarity to other projects is purely coincidental.  Party on. 


Bill and Ted are drunk washed up has-beens, dumped long ago by the princesses who left them deep in debt.  Bill and Ted  are in their 40's now, bearded, out of shape and just fired from their gig at a shoddy Las Vegas dive bar called "The Last Call Lounge."  They're broke, their old car is stolen, and when the vehicle is later found charred to a crisp in the desert, everyone thinks Bill and Ted are dead.  They try to be optimistic, and figure maybe they'll become more famous if people think they're gone.   In the fog of a night of drinking,  Bill and Ted get a ride from an eerie Elvis impersonator who tells them to go back to San Dimas and pull themselves together.   Hungover and kicked out of their seedy motel, a down and out Bill and Ted hitch a ride back to San Dimas on a port-a-pot truck driven by another Elvis impersonator.  

Back in San Dimas, things have changed a lot. Missy's really let herself go, and she's got the hots for Bill. Meanwhile, Ted's Dad has an arrest warrant for Ted from a past DUI, and wants Ted to sign himself into Colonel Oats Military Detox in Utah.  In all the chaos Bill and Ted want desperately to get back with the girlfriends they were engaged to.  When Bill and Ted find out their girlfriends are set to marry other men, they vow to clean up their act and become a success.  To make matters worse, Ted's girlfriend is engaged to a cop who works at his Dad's police department. With a warrant out for his arrest, Ted has to be really careful.  When Bill and Ted attend an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting, they're surprised to find that Rufus' brother Rudy took over facilitating the AA meetings from Rufus, when Rufus was demoted for Bill and Ted's failure. With Rufus now retired, his brother Rudy has the archaic booth in his garage.

Against Rudy's warning, Bill and Ted want to take the booth on one more trip. It's their last ditch chance at making something of themselves.  Bill and Ted meet up with their former girlfriends who profess they've called it quits and have moved on. The wedding planner shows up just in time to find a dispondent and depressed Bill and Ted, and offers to get them a make-over and help them meet up with thir ex-girlfriends to try and patch things up. 

Since Bill and Ted's own music turned out to be horrible, the guys embark on a plan to travel to the past and interview dead rock-stars for a new show on MTV. They figure they might get inspired musically in the process. What seems simple, is thwarted by the booth's mechanical issues, causing it to travel to wrong numbers along the way.  Bill and Ted decide to travel to Woodstock 1969, "69 Dudes!", to pick up Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.  The booth slams down in a row of port-a-pots just in time for them to run into the younger verson of Ted's dad and Colonel Oats. The two men turn out to be pot head hippies who invite Bill and Ted to party with them....(more to come)  

With cell phones, wifi, and modern technology messing up the booth's circuits, things get a little bit heinous with time travel. The booth is malfunctioning and only has so many trips left before it breaks down completely.  Bill and Ted could end up stuck in another timespace, or disappear into a bleak future altogether.  Bill and Ted's music never did save the world back then, and today,  they're over 40, and just trying to save themselves. The old broken down phone booth is on its LAST CALL...and so are Bill and Ted.

If you're interested in reading how this particular sequel goes, drop me a message. This has been posted by the request of fans who are as eager as I am to see the original writers get their script into production!

(As for the spec-sequel: Film Freeway will allow a full download of the script to the film festival industry for now, but eventually I hope to have it downloadable via password link for anyone interested.   I will, of course, get permission from owners of the franchise before doing so. Check back here, as I may be able to post the first 10 pages at some point)  

In the meantime, let's hope the actual proposed sequel gets made!  It sounded so good, but "where are they now?"  Please support all Bill & Ted fan-sites so that the studios know that there's an audience and wide demographic for their project.   "If you film it--they will come!"  I'm still waiting to buy a ticket, as I know other fans are too. 


Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Info on writer, her professional site & representation are available upon request. 

This site is not affiliated with any studio or the original writers.  All photos are public domain promo items and are the property of the Bill and Ted franchise. 

RIP "Rufus" aka George Carlin. Hope the circuits of time have treated you well, and that you're partying on out there somewhere.

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